I’m New

What to expect
We have put together some information which you may find useful if you are visiting our church for the first time. Perhaps you are a newcomer to the area or just want to come along to one of our services. We do have quite a number who come to the church for the first time for baptisms, weddings or funerals. Whatever your situation, you are most welcome.

Coming to a Sunday Morning Service for the First Time
You will receive a warm welcome. Our Communion Service includes hymns, Bible reading and prayer, with a talk form the priest or a worship leader. It is all set out in the service booklet.
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people feel the need to wear their best suit and tie: others feel more comfortable in a pair of denims.
Someone will say hello when you come in and offer you a service booklet and hymn book.
Sit wherever you like. If you are unfamiliar with our service, it may be good to sit a few rows back so that you can observe what’s happening and you’ll feel more comfortable. You might like to ask the person handing out the books to suggest someone to sit beside you to guide you through anything unfamiliar. Wherever you sit, please don’t worry about ‘getting it wrong’. Even the most regular churchgoers can chime in with the priest’s words by mistake or sit down when everyone else is standing- and nobody minds!
Before the service some people will be chatting or helping to prepare for worship while others are sitting in silent prayer. Do whatever feels comfortable for you.


What Happens Next